Carl Buehl has been a Medium & Intuitive since he was a child, he just didn’t know what it was called at the time. In more recent years, Spirit directed him to become a conduit for energy healing. This healing work can encompass the physical, spiritual and emotional aspect of one’s life, along with healing the Soul. 

Carl approaches every reading in a deeply caring, compassionate and non-judgmental way and with the utmost integrity. Working with Spirit and his Guides, he incorporates clairvoyance (seeing symbols & images), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling). Putting them all together for a comprehensive understanding of you and your loved ones.

In a medium reading, he brings forward the memories, feelings and personalities of your loved ones so you feel like they're right in the room with you. In an intuitive reading, Carl paints a picture of the past and the present, then adds a touch of future color.

Carl’s first Spirit experiences began as a child with his “imaginary friend” named Charley who he later discovered to be the primary Guide in his spiritual work. Through self-discovery and training in the early 90’s, Carl performed group readings in online forums honing his skills, amassing transcripts of his Mediumship that he then submitted to scientific scrutiny with Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona.  Dr. Schwartz states “Carl is a science-minded medium whose readings are both evidential and meaningful. He is among the most skilled, informed, and compassionate of the gifted mediums I have tested scientifically. ”

Carl is inspired to live, love, honor and teach about energy work, Mediumship and the various sciences studying it all. Helping others to understand, break through fears and to offer evidence that life and love continue after physical death, has become a major part of his life’s work. He has attended formal education in Advanced Medium & Psychic studies with internationally recognized Mediums and Instructors from The Arthur Findlay College, Mavis Pittilla and Paul Jacobs as well as studying with (LWISSD) Master Teacher Colby Rebel. 

Carl currently splits his time between Spiritual work and a successful television career while also serving on the Spiritual Advisory Board for the SoulPhone Foundation. He continues to participate in afterlife communication scientific research with Dr. Gary Schwartz as well as publicly speaking, demonstrating and organizing Mediumship development. Carl is grateful and honored to be of service bringing healing, transformation and spirit communication to anyone seeking hope and guidance.